Acoustic Karaoke

Make Your Event Unique

We are pleased to be able to offer our acoustic karaoke service to all our potential clients! This service has proved to be very popular in the past, and we are excited to be able to offer to it all wedding, party and corporate events. If you and your friends or co-workers have ever wanted to sing with and perform with live musicians, now’s your chance!

acoustic karaoke
Finer Things Acoustic Karaoke Team

Acoustic Karaoke – What Is It?

Think of it like your normal karaoke night, but with live musicians instead of backing tracks! We are happy to accept singers, buskers who want to play our instruments, or even full acoustic bands! We will have a vocalist, acoustic guitarist, pianist and cajon player onstage to back you during your performance. Alternatively, we are happy to hand over our instruments to anyone who prefers to perform with one. This is all about creating a fun atmosphere for you and your guests, and we want everyone to feel welcome.

How It Works

Your guests can either pre-book their slot in advance, or put their name down on the night on our sign up sheet. Please note that priority will always be given to those who have pre-booked timeslots with us. You just need to let us know how many songs you would like to perform, and whether you’re singing or playing an instrument, or doing both!

To begin the event, the Finer Things Acoustic team will open the night and perform a few songs from their repertoire. After that, they will invite guests up to sign or play instruments with them! If we are short on volunteers, then the live musicians will continue to perform until some brave souls want to take the stage.

Acoustic Karaoke – Song Choices

If you or your guests will be joining us for a sing song, you are welcome to choose any song from our acoustic repertoire or acoustic karaoke list. The Finer Things Acoustic team are all experienced musicians and know how to play a lot of songs! We can also take requests for songs not featured on our repertoire list with any pre-booked slot. We may even be able to busk it on the night, but please keep in mind that it is always better to pre-book your slot with us.

Ideal For Weddings, Parties Or Corporate Events

Our acoustic karaoke service has proved to be incredibly popular in the past. You can book it either as a standalone service, or as an optional upgrade to our Standard Entertainment Package. We have found that it has worked well at weddings, particularly festival style weddings with more than one entertainment attraction. It is also perfect for birthday parties or corporate events, as it is the perfect mix of fun with a laid back environment.

Acoustic Karaoke – Guidelines

We are all about the fun here at Finer Things DJs & Acoustic. However, we also need to keep health and safety in mind with a service like acoustic karaoke. If you do book our fantastic service, we must insist that neither you or your guests bring any drinks or liquid into the performance area. We also insist that you be respectful of our equipment, as any damage could bring a halt to all performances or risk injury to you or your guests.

With that said, now’s it up to you! Get in touch with the Finer Things team today for a quote and book some acoustic karaoke for your event!